Join Jim @ “Aurora Alien Encounter” – April 16 Aurora, TX

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Did You know a UFO crashed in Aurora, TX in 1897?

VORTEXAS and the City of Aurora invite you to join us on Saturday, April 16th, 2016 for the first annual AURORA ALIEN ENCOUNTER! We will be commemorating the event which occurred on April 17, 1897 where a UFO crashed and an ALIEN body was recovered and buried in the local cemetery. Even after over 100 years this incident still stands out as one of the most extraordinary UFO cases of our time! Come enjoy a conference at Aurora’s local MD Resort with featured speakers, lunch, vendors, a documentary, and shuttle tours to the original crash and burial sites!



PRE SALE TICKETS AND LIVE VIDEO PASSES AVAILABLE NOW! (Pre sale Discounted Ticket Sales continue through April 1st, prices increase by scale thereafter)

Jim Marrs, Travis Walton, Nick Redfern, Tui Snider, Stephen Andrasko & Noe Torres,

Can’t make it to Aurora? Watch the conference online!

We welcome Keynote Speaker, Travis Walton famous for “The Walton Experience: Fire in the Sky,” for a catered buffet lunch. The chefs of MD Resort are preparing wonderful selections of salad, pasta, dessert and your choice of tea or lemonade.

Travel through Aurora in a shuttle to the crash & burial sites with the City Administrator, Dr. Toni Wheeler as your guide! Dr. Wheeler is a native of Aurora. Her Grandfather, Clyde Idell, was born in the Aurora Hotel in 1925. She is a wealth of information regarding first hand accounts of the “old timers” she visited as a child.

Learn the history of Aurora’s UFO crash and alien burial in a fascinating documentary with Jim Marrs!



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